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Supply of electronic materials and lab equipment

Tender Title: Supply of electronic materials and lab equipment

Lot1: electronic materials
Lot2: lab equipment
Ref No: 283/GVTC/SE/2019

GVTC is an Intergovernmental Organization established by the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Republic of Rwanda and the Republic of Uganda governed by a Treaty whose purpose is to establish a Transboundary Collaboration Framework for programs and activities on wildlife conservation and tourism development in the Greater Virunga Landscape among the Partner States.
GVTC has been coordinating the implementation of NICHE-GLR-264 (3C Project), a project which is financed by the Netherlands Government through the Netherlands Initiative for Capacity Development in Higher Education (NICHE).

It is in this respect that GVTC hereby invites sealed bids from eligible national or regional bidders who have Electronic Billing Machine for a tender of supplying electronic materials and lab equipment. Interested bidder can request the details from GVTC Executive Secretariat at pruhumuliza@greatervirunga.org

The bidder can decide to compete for 1 or both two lots of the tender. The offers well-typed, appropriately must reach in sealed envelopes to the office of GVTC Executive Secretariat
Rugando-Kimihurura, KG 6 Av #16-Building- Opposite Cari Apartments, GPS Coordinates for our office: (DMS):1° 57’18.19"S, 30° 5’ 59.11" E or submit electronically on rkabeya@greatervirunga.org with a copy to pruhumuliza@greatervirunga.org not later than December 10, 2019 at 10.00 am prompt (local time) or 8:00 am GMT. The opening of bids will take place on the same day 10.30 a.m. prompt (local time), 8:30 am GMT at the above-mentioned address in the presence of the bidders or their representatives who choose to attend. Late bids will be rejected also GVTC reserves the right to reject any bid deemed inappropriate.

The Outer envelopes should clearly indicate the tender tittle. The bidding process will be conducted in accordance with the GVTC procurement policy.

All materials and equipment will be delivered at GVTC office at the above-mentioned address.

Done at Kigali on 12th November 2019

Dr. Andrew G. Seguya
Executive Secretary

About GVTC

Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration is a framework for strategic, transboundary, collaborative management of the Greater Virunga Landscape


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