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GVTC Annual Activity Planning Meeting

From the 30th to the 31st March 2016, GVTC is organizing the annual activity meeting at Ihusi Hotel in Goma for its staff members involved in the implementation of the Transboundary Strategic Plan in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. This two-day meeting aims at developing a comprehensive plan for implementation of “Conserving Greater Virunga (CGV) Project activities funded by the Netherlands Embassy in Kigali (Rwanda). The first year of that three-year project ends in July 2016 and the staff members are updating their knowledge on the project by (i)sharing strategies for implementation of activities and monitoring and evaluation;(ii) identifying and assigning responsibilities on all key activities for the project; (iii) developing time lines for all activities for CGV project.

In his opening remarks, the Executive Secretary of GVTC, Dr Georges Muamba Thibasu, requested participants to observe one minute in memory of Mr. Moses Mapesa Wafula, former Executive Director (ED) of UWA, died this week. After that, the Executive Secretary focused on the relevance of such a workshop for an efficient functioning of GVTC and thanked the Program department for having initiated that session. Dr Muamba said that since the signing of the GVTC Treaty, partners and many beneficiaries are expecting much from GVTC and that intergovernmental institution does not have the rights to disappoint their expectations. For that reason he requested each staff member to work hard to allow GVTC implement its activities and achieve its goals through high competence and performance.

The facilitator of this workshop was Mr. Ismael Ochen, in charge of Monitoring & Evaluation at GVTC, supported by Mr. James Byamukama, and Mrs. Grace Kyomuhendo, respectively Programs Manager and Deputy Executive Secretary in charge of Finance & Administration.

The presentation given by Mr. James outlined The journey of the Conservation Great Virunga Project, by linking it with the objectives of the Transboundary Strategy Plan review in 2012, with the joint meeting of Norway, The Netherlands Embassy in Kampala, IGCP, and GVTC as well as with the key –results areas which are namely the landscape management, effective and efficient management capacity, the transboundary collaboration, the communication and information management, the natural resource based socioeconomic development and the financial sustainability.
Mrs. Grace Kyomuhendo gave an overview of the program budget in terms of performance, requirements and best practices in activity planning. Her presentation aimed at giving the staff an incite of the meaning of budgeting or budget, ensuring that all the staff have the same understanding of the importance of activity planning or budgeting, and giving an overview of the financial budget performance for the 8 months of the Conserving the Greater Virunga Project.

Those different presentations helped participants (GVTC staff members) understand their roles and responsibilities, the achievements of the projects and the lack of success in some domains, etc. This workshop allowed the staff members are more conscious about their individual and collective efforts need to perform successful achievements in this project funded by the Netherlands Embassy based in Kigali to conserve sustainably the biodiversity and promote socioeconomic development for communities in the Virunga Landscape shared by DRC, Rwanda and Uganda
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