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GVTC facilitates cross-border security meeting

On the 17th February 2017, in Kisoro District (Uganda), at Bam Guest House, GVTC has facilitated cross-border security meeting between Kisoro District in Uganda and neighboring districts of DRC. About fifty participants from political and administrative leaders, police and army delegations members of DRC and Uganda took part in this meeting.
Such meetings aim at consolidating sustainable peace and security, which are key factors of natural resources conservation shared by the member states of the Transboundary collaboration and which should serve the socio-economic well-being of the peoples of Uganda, DRC and Rwanda. This meeting, facilitated by GVTC was a great success with regard to the final communiqué.
Thus, in his opening remarks, GVTC Executive Secretary, Dr Georges Muamba Tshibasu, reminded that “cross-border collaboration between DRC, Rwanda and Uganda is an initiative that started at the grassroots level by park-wardens who considered that the importance of transboundary natural resources needed to be highlighted and that these natural resources deserved to be preserved for the common good on a long-term basis. Very quickly this initiative was capitalized until 2015 when a treaty was signed between our three countries”.
Recalling the basic principles of the Treaty, Dr Georges Muamba Tshibasu referred, inter alia, to the respect for sovereignty, the territorial integrity, and the need for collaborative management of natural resources shared by the three countries, namely wildlife and flora in order to create a favorable environment so that those natural resources may contribute, thanks to their services, to the socioeconomic development of our three countries, specifically through tourism and a rational exploitation of those resources.
In his address, the Chairperson of Kisoro District, Mr. Abel Bizimana, has allied peace, security and development, saying that while living, humans pursue the best possible quality of life in peaceful environment. To succeed in that, men and women create resources to achieve that goal. Therefore, the role of leadership is to arouse and redirect people’s energies to what guarantees life, peace, prosperity and independence. Thereby, the Chairperosn of Kisoro District highlighted how political leaders, program managers must ensure that good strategies create good results in solving problems of society.
At the end of these speeches, participants gathered within two working groups to discuss the different problems related to sustainable peace and security for a sustainable conservation which should benefit the populations of DRC, Uganda and Rwanda, within the Greater Virunga Landscpe.
In his closing remarks, Mr. Hajji Shaliq Sekandi, Head of the Ugandan delegation, thanked both participants for their attendance and GVTC for having facilitate the holding of the meeting. Therefore, he recalled the need of living together in an environment of peace and security: “We are African peoples and therefore we should live in peace and harmony. The Bible says: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself”. Thus, the people of Kisoro will continue to love their neighbors of DRC as they love themselves”, concluded Mr. Hajji Shaliq Sekandi. On his side, Lt Col. Dady Kimwanga Nepa Nepa, Head of the DRC delegation, expressed the hope that various decisions taken during this meeting will be implemented and materialized. “On our part, we hope to see the realization and feasibility of everything we agreed on. So we hope that it will not remain only vain words but actions will be taken and implemented”, wished the Lt. Col. Dady Kimwanga Nepa Nepa.
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