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Opinion Leaders of Communities living around Virunga National Park in a workshop- Goma (DRC) Dec 2-4/2019

In Goma, DRC opinion leaders of communities living around the Virunga National Park, in a workshop on the Common Ground Approach and Conflict Transformation.

This 2 December 2019, at the Hotel la Planete located in Goma, North Kivu Province in the DRC, Mrs. Kabeya Fatuma Marie Rose, Deputy Executive Secretary in charge of Finance and Administration representing Dr. Andrew G. Seguya, Executive Secretary of GVTC, officially opens the Workshop on the Common Ground Approach and Conflict Transformation.

This workshop is part of the 3C project, which aims at building capacity in natural resources management and conflict transformation to ensure stability and inclusive growth in the Greater Virunga Landscape (3C Project).

This workshop organized by Search for Common Ground, part of the 3C Partnership Coalition, under the the Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration framework, for the opinion leaders of the communities living around the Virunga National Park, one of the parks making the network of the Greater Virunga Landscape, not only will understand the common ground approach, conflict concept, but also will acquire knowledge on how to prevent conflicts in order to contribute to the creation of an enabling environment for conservation of the transboundary natural resources.

"We are particularly interested in this workshop, which represents an opportunity to solve one of the major challenges of responsible and sustainable management of our cross-border natural heritage". said, Mrs. Kabeya Fatuma Marie Rose.

She also pointed out that most of the conflicts around the national parks are based on natural resources, which negatively affects the socio-economic development of this region. And yet, this landscape is an invaluable and potential reservoir of ecosystem services, the management of which requires appropriate measures to avoid conflicts over natural resources due to human pressure.

The role of opinion leaders is crucial for the protection of the biodiversity of this landscape and must therefore be equipped with appropriate tools to manage these conflicts.

She reassured all stakeholders of this project that GVTC will continue to work tirelessly to create an appropriate environment around the Virunga Massif to allow our three peoples to make the most of the natural gift that God has shared between our three countries.

She urged participants to make the difference between today’s situation and that of tomorrow. Establish a conflict transformation network to share and report on all resolved conflicts in order to replicate these successes throughout the Greater Virunga Landscape and beyond.


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